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LasLed™ Rechargeable Safety bike laser projector

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Be visible, Be safe!

If you are an ardent cyclist, you surely should have this Laser Bike Lane. 67% of cyclists do not ride their bikes on the street because of fear of cars invading their space. This light clearly marks your space ensuring that you can ride safely at night.

LasLed™  is a great way to reduce the risk of accidents while driving your bicycle on poorly lit roads. A lot of people won’t drive their bikes on the roads because they are scared that a car can easily run into them. Due to the lack of lights on some roads, many drivers unknowingly get dangerously close to this cyclist, driving alongside them. Our LasLed™ Bike Lane is specifically designed to solve this problem. It uses lasers to project a virtual bike lane on the road around the bike.

Benefits of Using This Laser Bike Lane

  • Projecting extra light when cycling on the road means increased visibility. And the more visible you are to vehicle owners, the safer you are on the road. It is important to note that these lights are especially used at night. This light can be seen from up to a mile away, allowing motorists to prepare for a cyclist's presence. The red light begins at the bicycle seats and expands past the rear wheel – giving cyclists enough space to notice you.
  • Our Laser Bike Lane is well protected by high density waterproof plastic lamp body. Also, there is an anti-slip silicone back base that will make your bike more secure.

Battery: 500 mAh Polymer Battery   

LasLed™ has Powerful power, built-in high-capacity lithium, strong conductivity.
Low loss of abundant consumption, strong power dynamic, can be used as a rechargeable treasure.

Incredible Features

  • Intensely bright red Laser lights with 5 modes.

  • It is weather and shockproof.
  • These lights will automatically turn on with parking for more than 5 minutes.

  • It is visible to about 1 km.
  • LED indicators and laser beams can operate simultaneously.
  • With an adjustable clamp, it is easy to install and remove.

Operational Instructions

  1. Press the LED button and hold for 2 seconds, LED will turn on/off. Press the LED button and then release quickly to set a mode (5 modes available).
  2. Press the LAS button and hold for 2 seconds, the laser light will turn on/off. Press the LAS button and then release quickly to set a mode (2 modes available).

Package Include:

1x Laser Bike Tail Light
1x Bicycle Mount
1*USB Charging Cable

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