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The Half-Ball Foot Massager

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Are you tired of foot pain and sore muscles that hurt like crazy?

If yes, this polypod Cube Diamond Pattern Massager is for you. It not only provides a deep tissue massage but stimulates your blood flow as well. Young, old, athlete, obese, it's for everyone.

What you"ll get:

  • Relaxes foot muscles: Pressing a foot on it means allowing your muscles to relax, which otherwise hurts badly and causes pain.
  • Stimulates blood: As your foot exerts pressure, it causes the blood inside your feet and your leg to stimulate, making you more healthy and active.
  • Anti-skid design: The shape is like a half ball placed on the floor. The ball's base is made of adhesive rubber that does not slip even if you stand on it.
  • Polygonal-edged dome-shaped ball: There is a reason behind the shape of this Acufoot massager. The polygonal edges deeply penetrate the muscles to target all reflexology points.
  • Perfect gift for your athlete friend: With two balls together, you can stand on them to train yourself for balance. Apart from the foot massage, you can also stick these balls to the wall to do the same with your back, making a perfect athletic gift.

Specifications : 

  • Made of recyclable PVC material
  • Polygonal dome-shaped
  • Anti-skid base
  • Help loosen tight muscles on the feet
  • Targets reflexology points
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Ideal for balance training
  • Can be used for back as well

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